Saturday, March 27, 2010

I made it

I have loved reading my new magazine Oxygen, it is one of the best fitness magazines that I have found! It's motivating and plus it has super "fit" women in it. I am sooo sick of seeing weight loss magazines like Women's Health! I used to be a avid reader of WH but I got soo sick of seeing skinny actresses who either have anorexia or who haven't even graduated high school. Insert Miley Cryus here! I'm sorry but I could care less about a 17 year old who says they eat whatever they want. It's sooo not motivating to read! Oxygen has real women who are crazy about eating healthy, who have children, and who work their butts off to look good! Not only do they put out a killer mag every month they also have a great website with tips! I love their training portion of the site! How motivating!

In this months issue they had a column about rewarding yourself for lost weight! I have always been brought up that rewards are with dessert and I will not be passing this reward on to my children! It's a hard habit to break! Anyways along those lines whenever something good happened in my life I have always awarded myself with an expensive dinner or dessert. Since I am really trying to eat healthy and to change my "Life Style" I thought the tip was written just for me!! The tip was to reward your weight loss goals with fun things! For example every 10 pounds you lose buy yourself something to motivate you to lose the next 10 pounds. Well I am now down 11.5 pounds and every 10 pounds I am rewarding myself with something awesome!! Today we went shopping and this is what I got to motivate me for my next 10 pounds!!

This is what I bought:
A new training mat
New weights 3 and 5 pounds
Weight gloves
A 5 pound weighted ball
A new excersie ball (a smaller version of the one I already have)

I have to say I am thrilled with my purchase and this will only bring more fun to this weeks workouts!
Anyways off for my daily run! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the good with the bad

Its been a long time since I have written. Mostly for dumb reasons but I'm doing it now so that's all that matters..

I have been off work for 2 weeks because I got my tousles out. It's been a good/bad thing because sometimes the stress of work gets to me and I find myself being too tired to care about the house cleaning and about getting things done. I was alone most of the 2 weeks which gave me time to think about a new me! Things that I want to do with myself and things that I just want to get done.

1. I want to lose weight. I'm sick of feeling chubby, and I'm sick of the way I feel in my t-shirts! I rarely wear shirts that are tight, and I always cover up my stomach with a sweater or sweatshirt. I'm sick of seeing old pictures of me when I was 120-130 pounds and wishing that I could weigh that again! I'm sick of growing out of my clothes, and having to buy larger ones! That's it, I'm just sick of it, and with the way I have been .. It's time for a change!

Welcome to the new me! The me that has already lost 8 pounds from surgery! The me that will meet my goal and be down to 130 by June, and the old me that will fit into my clothes again!!

Who would have thought that having surgery could really end up being a good thing instead of a bad thing?

2. I want to blog more, more about my life my struggles, and my weight lose goal!
3. I want a stress-free life! I have had time to ponder the important things:

Tony: My man is insanely in love with me. After my surgery he took care of me, brought me flowers to make my day better, cleaned, took Bear out twice a day everyday, and has keep a smile on his face. He keeps me in check when I'm moody, but knows the right things to say when I'm lonely and home sick. He truly is my better half and my best friend.

Bear: He has been sooo stinking cute this whole time I have been home. After Tony takes him for his walk in the morning and kisses me goodbye Bear jumps on the bed to snuggle. He curls up in a ball to fit perfectly around my folded legs. He protects me throughout the day by growling at every person who walks by our place (which he totally does not do when Tony is home). He's been going easy on me when I take him for short walks. With his wet nose he sniffs my nose to wake me up which I happen to think is the cutest thing in the world! He's been such a sweetie

Family and Friends: I'm so blessed to have such a great family to call and check on me even though they knew I couldn't talk for the first week. They sent emails, text, and cards just to make sure I was doing ok. My friend Cheryl came into town to stay with me while Tony worked, my friends Nick and Tracie came over during the day while Tony was busy to keep me company and to watch countless movies with me! My friend Krystal who has texted me almost everyday to keep me sane! It's little acts of kindness that mean the world to me!

4. I want to move home, and to start my own family. That's right I said it, I want my own family! :)

5. Mostly I just want to be happy! The end