Tuesday, June 9, 2009

where has all the time gone??

I can't believe that May is already over! SOO Sad! We had a very eventful month hence why I haven't been blogging at all! We were gone every weekend but one in May! Here's a high light of what we have been doing!

Trip to Boise # 1

Lagoon with Ash and Steve
Boise Trip #2 Visiting Twin Falls with Chris and Rachelle
Celebrating Memorial day with Tony's mom, and remembering Tony's dad Lee

Sweet embraces

Celebrating our loved ones one day at a time

My little sisters wedding.. SAD she's my baby sister all grown up
Oh ya they made it!

Kaila and Drew

My brothers Kailas bachelorette party -- LIMO time
Lake Powell Boating trip

Cliff Jumping -- this is about as crazy as Tony gets

Waking boarding in Powell

Bear rolled in the dirt and this is what we got. A black and Orange dog! :)