Saturday, April 25, 2009



I never got braces when I was younger. So now that I'm 25 I thought I would see what I looked like if I was 16 again.
There you have it! I look 16 again! At least in 18 months I'll have straight teeth!

Tony and I got a church calling this morning! We are now called to go to the temple 2 times a month, help out with family history and ward temple nights. This calling will be a lot better calling then the calling I was thinking! We normally travel too much during the summer to hold down a calling, so this will be PERFECT! The Lord must know us pretty well to give us this blessing in our lives! We have been saying for awhile that we need to go to the temple more, so now its our calling! So we must do it more than we already do!
Tony and I at the SLC Temple in March

We had the chance to go through the Draper temple with our friend Steve! The temple is brand new, and SOOO amazing!

playing hooky

So most of you know that Tony and myself work together. I haven't posted in awhile to let you also know that I got a promotion! Tony and I now work in the same department! I got a nice raise and now will have less work on my plate! (LESS STRESS!! YAY) Tony and I also work with another couple who got married about a month after we did. We hang out with Chris and Rachelle almost 2-3 times a week! We love them!

Anyways we all played hooky yesterday! It was so nice to just chill and relax! We went to lunch at Ridezo's an all you can eat Brazilian steak house. We then went to the movies and then they came over after wards for some more fun! We love having them over. Rachelle and I are like twins! We have the same likes and LOVES for sweets! I love it! Finally someone who enjoys junk food as much as I do! Here's some pictures of us at lunch

Friday, April 24, 2009

more family and guests

We had Tony's mom, Colby, Annie and the kiddos in town next. Tony's mom did not stay with us, but we did have a blast going out to dinners and hanging out. We had the best dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory the day before she left. I personally didn't get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked but it was really nice having her in town! (some day she might move here! at least we keep hoping that)

Most of my time was spent hanging with my brother Colby, his wife Annie, and their 2 children Pres, and Katy! OMG I LOVE those 2 kids. We had quite the packed apartment! It was non stop fun when the moment they got into town! I seriously loved having them in town. The main reason they came was for the Britney Spears concert! Annie and I had gotten tickets in December and have been planning this trip for quite some time. Here are some pics from the concert.

Steve's Baptism

Tony and I had a great missionary experience with our friend Steve. Tony baptized Steve a member of the church in April! Congrats Steve! By the way Ladies-- Steve is a stud and SINGLE!! haha


We've had quite a few guest in town since the last time we wrote. Grayson and Mikey came in the middle of March. We had a really good time. We had some well needed girl time! Thank goodness since we haven't seen each other for awhile. Sadly I didn't take any pics while she was here, but I am grateful for her being able to come!
Spencer,Theressa and Jarell were in town a week after. They came for Jarell's spring break. They were here for a week and brought their dog Takara with them so Bear had a friend to play with. We had such a good time with them here! We took them to their first pro-basketball game! Jarelly LOVED D-Will!!