Saturday, February 28, 2009

Concert Week-- Rascal Flats, Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice

So I have to admit that this week was wayyy to long on the record books. It was the end of the month so I had crazy work to get done! Wayy to much working for my own good might i add! Although the week was long, it was also very eventful! For V-day we decided not to spend money going out to dinner to a nice place, but instead spending it on something fun for the both of us. We bought Rascal Flats and Jessica Simpson concert tickets for me, then a week later bought Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice concert tickets for Tony's present! It just so happened that the concerts were a day apart. So talk about staying up late and going to work the next :) Rascal Flats put on a great show and I had such a good time. Tony even liked them! Which is awesome because he HATES country! So it was a pleasant surprise that he actually enjoyed himself. We double dated with the Foldmo's. I was really bummed because my camera battery went dead about 2 mins after they took the stage, but here are some of the pics we got.

So Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer put on the Best show!! It seriously was a blast to feel young again. I remember being super young and listening to those guys because of my brothers. Tony also grew up listening to them so it was the coolest thing for him to get to see them as well. The concert started a 9pm and by 12:30 we were soo tired that we called it a night even though they weren't close to finishing the show. I know were a lame old married couple, but we did work that day and were up till about 12:30 the night before with the other concert.

So Mc, and Ice hadn't been on a stage for 18 years, and UVU was the only place that the 2 were playing at. I guess some promoter had called them and asked if they would be willing to do a concert. Who knows how long they pleaded and begged for that. Needless to say the concert was jam packed and had kids everywhere! We did take some pictures and videos. The videos are small so Tony did post them on YouTube. Once they are uploaded I will post the link! That is something you will want to watch I promise! Anyways Hammer still has his moves and sounds great, and Ice well he should stick to his old stuff because I'm not a huge fan of his new music. Overall it was a great ending to a crapy work week! (don't worry I still am VERY grateful for my job)
This was about a hour before the show. Once they hit the stage this room doubled with people!Love my glasses line!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

V-day and our big Boise trip

So I have to brag about Tony for a second here! I have the BEST husband in the world. Tony surprised me on Feb 13th with a beautiful boutique of lilies and Gerber Daisy's. These flowers and exact colors happened to be our wedding flowers! Tony is seriously the sweetest husband in the world, and I am truly grateful for all that he does for me. V-day for me always happened to be a sore subject. I always tended to date the guys who hated that day and never wanted to do anything special. Boy am i glad I married Tony. Because he truly knows how to treat a women!

Our V-day this year was a bit different than the others we had shared. Our first V-day together we got engaged, our second we had a romantic dinner and watched a romantic chick flick. This year was a little bit different than married couples without kids would do. We spent our V-day weekend in Boise with my family. Due to some family matters we felt strongly that we needed to be in town to spend some time with my family. As you can tell I was NOT going to leave my flowers at home for the weekend! So I brought them on the 5 hour drive. (needless to say they were quite annoying to drive with but they survived and smelt great all weekend)

We left on Friday and we stayed with Spencer, Theressa and their son Jarell! Bear and their dog Takara have a blast together! We spent some time shopping, and went to out dinner.

On V-day we actually decided it would be fun to invite all my brothers and sisters to a fun dome for the kids. This way all the adults could talk and enjoy each other while the kids played in the dome. After we got there we realized how much fun that dome really is. Because soon we were jumping around on the toys too! The guys in the fam didn't have as much fun as us girls, but I surely did. Here are some pics of us at the fun dome!

We spent from Friday-Tuesday in Boise! It was sooooo nice to be home, and now I'm horribly homesick to come back! Oh by the way everyone! Makaila and her BF Drew are engaged! Congrads you two! They are thinking about getting married on June 6th! So that means I'm going back to Boise the first weekend in March! YAY!