Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's been a little crazy around here

It's been awhile since we have written! Sorry fam! Things have been crazy busy! First to recap everything that has been happening in our lifes! We played in the turkey bowl in November. We started out on different teams, but I blended with his team to get second place!

Next we had our first snow storm! UGH!! I hate the snow, but sad to say my cute dog loves it! Bear had a blast playing in the snow, and enjoyed every second of it
Next we enjoyed going to Boise for Thanksgiving! Almost everyone from the fam was there expect for Spencer. I am excited that we got to see him before we left tho. We had a great time and I wouldn't have traded it for anything! We had a really good time cooking and enjoying each others company!
So after we got back we had the pleasure of giving Bear a bath. I had to post these pics because he's so dang cute. I couldn't resist!So now we are up to speed with our past month. I'm excited to announce that I FINALLY found out where we are going for my birthday trip. Tony planned a trip to VEGAS!! I'm so excited because I have never been. We leave on Thursday so wish us luck! Be prepared to see lots of pics from our trip!

I also want to tell everyone how much I love my best friend, and husband! This week also marks the 2nd year we have been together. On Dec 5th, 2006 Tony was driving home from a friends wedding in Vegas and we talked the full 5 hours on the phone. He rushed over to my place, and we had "the talk" (just one month after meeting). Not only did we have the "I'm not going to date anyone else talk," but we also had the "I've prayed about it talk and I know you are my future husband talk" I'm so thankful that 2 years ago Tony took a chance on me, and that his mother raised him to take care of a woman! I love my hunk more than anything, and I'm excited to the years to come! Love you hun! Here's a few pics of the beginning!