Thursday, October 30, 2008

We went to a haunted house

We went to a haunted house with our friends the Jewkes. It was a blast! Tony is tougher than I thought because he didn't scream at all!! HAHA love you honey!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dugans Surprise Party and Apartment Updates

Last night we went to the Dugans house. Our friend Dawn threw a surprise party for her hubby Andrew. We had so much fun!

Silly string and the big surprise

Terah and I decorated

Me and Tony stealing some alone time

The kissing dip.. It was hot!
Some of Tony's Best Buds

Happy birthday Dugan! It couldn't have been a better night.

Today me and Tony went to Bed Bath and Beyond. We went for a table cloth and came home with 300 bucks of goodies! I don't know how I got away with that??!!?? Tony must have been in a good mood today. We changed our colors in our apartment. We had cream, green and black. Today we took out the green, and put that in our master bedroom. We added maroon! We got a new a new rug, new curtains, new table settings, and new pillows for the couch. It looks so much better! Tony and I got pretty frustrated with each other when we put up the curtains. I had this ideal look in my head of what I wanted them to look like, however I had not the slightest clue how to put them up. We ended up only using part of the curtains instead of everything we bought. The place looks update now.

I got super home sick today when decorating. I would have loved to have my mom and my sisters help me, but i guess when we move to Boise that hey can help decorate our house! I miss you all and can't wait to see everyone! By the way we will be home for Thanksgiving! We are planning on being there for about a week! Hope everyone makes time for us!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

just a sunday

Two of my favorite things to blog about! Tony and Bear! We went to the park today! The weather was perfect today so we went to Murray Park. We go to the park every day to give Bear his walk but today I brought my camera to take a few new pics! This one of Tony and Bear is my fav!

I thought these pictures were cute, and reminded me of being gone. Bear stayed with my parents while we were in the Philippines. He enjoyed 6 full weeks of scaring cats, chasing them, and terrorising them enough to never want to come inside again. Bear is quite harmless, but I guess when you see 90 pounds of dog running full sprint after you I guess someone would think differently. We we got home about 2 weeks ago and couldn't wait to see Bear. Bear sleeps on the side of our bed and as soon as the alarm goes off Bear is there to put his 2 front legs on our bed to snuggle in as close as he can get without getting on the bed. We sure missed that while we were gone. When we got back we were greeted with kisses from Bear. Now that changed! Bear NEVER gives kisses, so that was something new to get used to. I guess Bear missed us so much, and now kisses us everyday and every second he can. (maybe he thinks that if he uses a little tongue that we will never leave again...hahaha)

A part of Tony is sold--
The day we got back we sold Tony's Mazda 3. Were keeping my Mazda 6 but we decided that since we carpool to work, and never drive his car that it was time to drop a car payment. Before we left we bought a little junker car. When I say junker, I don't just mean a slightly older car. I mean a JUNKER! We bought a 87 Camry, that drives like a champ! Now were 280$ richer each month!

Since we sold the car, we realized that we spent wayyy too much on going out to eat and entertainment! We have limited ourselves to going out to 1 movie a month, and one fun dinner a month. So different from the every weekend movie and dinner date! We also started eating all organic food. I know were weird. Tony loves to cook, I GOT LUCKY! So he's been cooking up some great meals lately! I know my hubby ROCKS!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Me and Tony share quite a few things in common. One of the many loves we share is the love for Basketball! We love going to watch Utah Jazz games. Tony would prefer to watch the game at home on our tv where he can relax and not deal with the traffic, but me on the other hand I LOVE going. Tony will take me when we can! We went to our first game this season. Jazz against the Suns! All I have to say is that SHAQ is HUGE!! We met our friend Terah and her date Dennis for the game!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The end of our Philippines Journey

I thought I would update this blog with some new pictures. We ended the summer with a 6 aweek trip to the Philippines. I am truly grateful for my life, my husband and my family! It's sooo good to be home, words can't even express! Although it feels a bit weird to come back to normal life, it's wonderful to be back in a place where I understand all the language. Me and Tony got back from the 30 hour flight on Friday Oct. 4th. I haven't had a chance to unpack my bags and settle in just yet, but I'm slowly getting there. Here are a ton of pics. I wasn't the best at updating my blog while I was gone, so here it is! This will highlight the last 2 weeks of our trip, and some pictures of the hotel, and the people, and the cool things we saw along the way!


Day trip!
The last week we were there we got a chance to visit a place called the chocolate hills! We took a 2 hour ferry ride to get there. This place is no doubt going to be named one of the 7 wonders of the world! It's beautiful, and I could spend my whole life exploring that place. The chocolate hills was made from coral deposits.

We also had a chance to meet little monkeys! I can't tell you how cute these little things are!! They sleep with their eyes open so that they can scare away their pray. These little fellas are also on the
endangered species list :(

We also had a chance to visit the floating bridge. Now for those who know me best know that I am not afraid to try "high risk" activities. I have to say that this had to be the scariest thing I have ever done! I think back to all those movies that someone fails through the bridge and falls into the water. Now this wouldn't be the end of my life if I had, but who knows whats in that water. The bridge stood about 50 ft above the water and was made of only bamboo. Talk about intense!
The last thing stop on that trip was lunch on a floating boat. It was a blast. The food wasn't my favorite, but it was still cool to be able to experience it!

On our way back to the ferry we had one more stop! The driver told us that this church was the oldest church in all of the Philippines. It was massively huge, and had too many different colors to look at!

The end of the day ended with us taking the ferry back! We couldn't keep out eyes open for most of the way back, so here are the pics of us leaving in the am.

This ended our day trip to the beautiful chocolate hills!


I had never been sailing before, and I got a chance to go a week before we left! What a blast that was! I did however almost die when I fell off. I always seem to like to push myself to the limit, so when we started going really really fast, it started sinking. I ended up in the water holding on with one arm. Thank goodness I have arms of steel! I also tried to stand up in the front. HMM maybe not the best option I sometimes forget that I don't have the best balance.

Our Classes

We had such a blast going and wouldn't trade this trip for anything. The main reason we went was to train these wonderful people. These are the teams that I spent the last 6 weeks with. These people are truly amazing and I will never forget the fun times Tony and I had teaching!