Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our first week in the Philippines

Sorry this is going to be a long blog! I haven't blogged for awhile so there is going to be some massive writing here!
So many of you know that me and Tony are in the Philippines working! We will be here a total of 43 days! This first week has been quite hard on me. We had to leave our dog Bear (for those who are reading this know that bear bears is our life)!! SAD, but from what I hear he's doing really well at my parents house!

This picture pretty much tells the story of our first week!!

Here is a quick summary of our week:
We started our journey with a 28 hour flight! I would have taken pics but boy did I look like a train wreck! It wouldn't have been a good picture.

We lost a day during the flight, and it still feels weird a week later!

When we landed I instantly felt the humidity like I never have before. I thought Washington DC was bad, but boy does DC have nothing on the Philippines!

On the drive from the airport to our hotel I realized I was on a different planet!! I always thought of myself as a crazy driver, but I would die in a heart beat if i tried to drive here. It's not so much that the traffic is bad, it's more or less that the traffic is always moving and people are passing you on the right and the left hand side with little or no room and in the lane of the on coming traffic. There are only about 2 street lights in the city, and most people drive as they please. They don't seem to care about the lines on the road because no one follows them. I'll be taking videos of this soon! It's a site you shouldn't miss!

Our hotel is amazing! Our hotel has it's own private beach.

Out of the 5 days we have been here we have been snorkeling 3 times. It's more or less quite a addiction. (Heck wouldn't it be for you if it was only 6 bucks a day?) Our hotel does a fish feeding every morning. So we have tons and tons of salt water fish that are super close and very friendly.

Our hotel is surround by a garden. This place is sooo green, and every plant is beautiful. Something you would never see in the states!

Lastly the people. From the second we drove into town I have thanked God for putting me in the United States, and always wonder why I was so lucky to live where I do and to have the life I have. The people here are amazing, and so humble. They basically live on next to nothing and live in small hunts for houses. As a group last night we walked the streets to a local market. Along the way we saw some families who didn't have houses to sleep in and slept on the side walks and in the grass. I saw poverty like I ever have before. This journey has opened my eyes, and daily makes me realize how grateful I am for what I have.

I guess this post isn't going to be as long as I thought. I look forward to writing more during this week because this upcoming week we are really going to explore the city instead of our hotel. haha.