Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day one without Tony :(

It's funny how you can miss someone so fast. Most couples would hate doing what me and Tony do everyday. With the exception of this past couple of weeks Tony and myself live, work, and play 24 hours a day with each other. Our day starts with getting ready to go to work at the same time, and then car pooling into work. Usually during the day we try to fit in a well needed break from work and meet up to talk about whats the latest gossip and who is doing what that day. The work day ends with us carpooling home to take Bear for a walk. After our walk we eat dinner and watch our favorite shows together. About 10:00 rolls around and we are off to bed to start yet another day. Now I know most couples couldn't stand to do what me and Tony do, but it seems to work out just fine for us. Heck it's already been a year! To get to my point I miss it! He's been on his well earned month off and it's been hard not to stay in bed every morning to snuggle and to go to bed while he gets to stay up late.

Many of you who know me best know that I HATE to be alone!! Tony left today to go visit with his mom in Big Fork. I hate the fact that I have to be home by myself, but even worse that he took Bear! Not only am I missing my hubby, but the dog too. When Bear and I were just home by ourselves last time Tony was away I would make Bear sleep on the bed with me at night. I know I know it's gross to have a dog sleep in your bed, but hey Bear is a cuddle box so I was not as lonely.

I guess this could turn out to be a good thing because now I will have plenty of time to watch all my favorite shows on Tivo that I have been sadly neglecting!

I got home from work today thinking I'm really tired all I want to do is take off my pants, put on some jammies and I just want to veg! I got a ice bar out of the freezer and popped onto the leather couch that I secretly HATE. After finishing my ice cream bar and my first re-run of Law and Order SVU I got up to wash my face so I could relax even more. Little did I know that my sweet husband had left me a note on my mirror. AWWWW.. What a great way to end my day.

I had started the tradition soon after getting married. It started with a note on his mirror, and now every time I go on a trip without him I would leave a goodbye note on his bathroom mirror or on the computer screen or on his pillow. Tony seems to like the tradition and now has left his first note for me :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our life as of now

Hey everyone who is reading this blog! It's our first post! We decided to start a blog since we will be leaving for the Philippines soon! We wanted to have something up for our family and friends! We want to share our journey with you!

So far me and Tony have been married a little over a year and couldn't be any happier! We got married on May 26. 2007 in the Boise Idaho temple! This year has been crazy and we are enjoying life as it comes! We work for eBay and actually met in a training class. It was love at first site for me, and after our first date I knew Tony was the one I was supposed to marry! About 3 dates later Tony and I set a date to get married. (I don't think Tony knew what he was getting his self into)

We live and work in Murray Utah. Hopefully some day hoping to live a bit closer to family and friends! About 8 months after we were married we adopted a dog who we named Bear! What a sweet heart he is! He loves going to boating and LOVES to chase cats! He is such a sweet dog and our family wouldn't be the same without him!